Forte Philosophy

    • We believe…

      At Forte we grow the young musician inside your child

      Forte courses are designed to nurture a whole suite of musical skills including:

      • music reading
      • theory (the symbols of music and how to write them)
      • aural (note recognition, identifying and playing phrases and chords by ear)
      • rhythm & beat
      • keyboard harmony (chord playing)
      • piano (learning to play piano, concert performance and playing by memory)

      Why are aural skills necessary?

      A good ear is essential for a budding musician as music is an ‘aural art’. Traditional methods of teaching music virtually ignore aural development as it is difficult to teach in a private lesson format. The key to aural development is singing. And we sing, lots and lots.

      Your child will develop a confident, accurate and listenable singing voice. A great voice is a gift for life.

    • Our multi sensory approach engages all learners!

      A multi-sensory approach is one which involves the three main senses:

      • auditory
      • visual
      • kinesthetic

      We all take onboard information utilising our senses; visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

      Traditionally music has been taught in a visual way where reading is the key. This approach makes it more difficult for auditory and kinesthetic learners.

      Forte teaches music in a multi-sensory way utilising the three main senses of visual, auditory and kinesthetic in teaching every piece so each type of learner is catered for.

      A multi-sensory approach often means that children strengthen their ‘weaker’ senses leading to a stronger and more robust learner in other areas of their education.

      The best way to experience the Forte difference is to book in for a Free Trial Lesson.

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