Jungle Babies 6mths to 1.5yrs

The start of a wonderful journey. Parents and children explore pitch, harmony, rhythm and tempo through games, percussion, movement and textiles. An incredible foundation that ensures music will come naturally for life…

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Jungle Tots 1.5yrs to 2.5yrs

As a child developes, the Jungle Tots course takes advantage of childrens natural curiosity, and instils a deep fascination for music. Through instruments, floor games and group activities children gain an intimate knowledge of the fundamentals of music.

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Jungle Friends 2.5yrs to 3.5yrs

As a childs laungage skills develop, their aural awareness is at it’s highest point. Music plays a very important part of a childs’ development and can increase their concentration and ability to recognize small differences in sound.


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Music Is Fun - 3.5yrs to 4.5yrs

Developed by a team of early childhood educators, and musicians, Music Is Fun is the perfect way to start learning the piano. Combining the gross motor skills of whole-body movement, with the fine-motor skills of playing the piano, succses is ensured from the start.

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