Jungle Friends 2.5yrs +

    • What happens in this class?

      Jungle Friends will delight your child in the rich diversity of activities and sensory experiences each week.

      This course forms an ideal introduction to the concepts of music. Every week your Jungle Friends class will feature a curriculum of diverse sensory-based activities, which include:
      • Songs and games with our parachute and rainbow ring
      • Creative movement for self-expression
      • Singing, singing and more singing
      • Individual percussion instruments
      • Group play on the big gathering drum

      Jungle Friends provides the ultimate platform for a lifelong love of music – get started now!

      Jungle Friends – Times each Week

      Monday 10.15 am
      Tuesday 11:00am
      Wednesday 9.15 am
      Thursday 11:30 am
      Friday 11:45 am

      “Very accommodating for my busy 2 year old. Lot’s of fun while also learning new concepts :)” 

      Mrs Michelle Knack