Drum Lessons

    • Playing the drums is one of the most rewarding instruments someone can play, and is suitable for anyone over the age of 6. All music has rhythm, so percussion forms the basis of all music.

      It sounds great as a solo instrument or in a band with others, and the drums are suited to those who love making a lot of noise and wanting to develop their co-ordination while also playing along to their favourite music.

      We teach drums the fun way – playing along with your teacher, to music, and with other students.

      Playing the drums is amazing for a number of reasons:

      • It’s easy to understand – you’ve been drumming since birth (probably before).
      • It feels good to play the drums, it’s an ergonomic instrument.
      • It is easy to sound a note – just hit it!
      • If someone can tap a beat, they can be taught to play the drums.

      Come along for a trial lesson, find out just how much fun you can have learning a new skill, and let’s make some noise!

      “Cannot speak more highly of the team at Coorparoo. My child absolutely loves his class and his teacher. We look forward to music every week. The teacher is experienced and has a brilliant relatable style with the children who all clearly love her.”
      Mrs Heidi DX, Coorparoo
    • Free Trial Lesson