Lesson 30 minutes weekly
Minimum practice 3 x 10 minute
sessions per week
Instrument required? Yes
earliest starting age
8 yrs +

Guitar is very cool… and very popular with pre teens and teens. Guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn as you can make your own kind of music and you can make it anywhere because guitars are so portable!

A wide variety of musical styles sound good on guitar from pop and rock and roll on electric guitars to the more reflective styles of blues, jazz and classical which suit acoustic guitar.

Our teachers are versatile and play a wide range of styles. Many beginners have a real passion and desire to play a particular piece or style. Our teachers know how important it is to satisfy this interest and try to work this in as soon as possible, sometimes in the first few lessons.

The co-ordination of fingers and the individual strength of fingers to push down the required strings in various combinations can be confounding for the young child.?Guitar is popular with all ages but we recommend that children younger than 8 years start on a Forte course first. See?Forte… Our Philosophy


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